Full-Time Chinese College Minister


God has placed ACC in the vicinity of a few college campuses including but not limited to UT Arlington, Dallas Baptist University, and Texas Christian University. ACC originally started from the college student ministry and will continue to be used by God to preach the gospel and make disciples among the Chinese college students. In 2021, the UTA Chinese student ministry was restarted. As pandemic is gradually over, we expect that UTA student ministry will grow as more Chinese students come back to American colleges. DBU student ministry would be also strengthened with a dedicated college minister. In addition, we have also seen a potential opportunity to start a college student ministry in TCU.

Job Description:

The Chinese College Minister is to work under the guidance of the Pastor of Chinese Ministry and the main responsibility is expected to be in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development among various college campuses close to ACC. The minister is also expected to assist in other duties at the direction of the Pastor of Chinese Ministry. Specifically,

  1. Lead the evangelism effort to reach out to the Chinese students.
  2. Make disciples among the Chinese students and develop student leaders.
  3. Provide help and guidance to the existing student fellowships (UTA and DBU).
  4. Develop student fellowship and ministry at new campus such as TCU by God’s grace.
  5. Assist in Sunday preaching and in teaching Sunday school classes.

Responsibilities of ACC Staff Member:

  1. Work alongside with other staff as a team, supporting each other, encouraging each other, and holding each other accountable
  2. Guard and protect the unity of the church. Keep matters discussed in the board and staff meetings confidential
  3. Attend weekly staff meeting
  4. Attend monthly deacon board meeting, and attend elder board meeting as invited
  5. Officiate church ordinances as assigned
  6. Maintain regular office hour. Other than doing ministry outside of church building, staff are expected to be in the office.
  7. Other duties may be assigned as needed by the pastor of Chinese Ministry


  1. Beliefs
    A. Needs to hold to the Bible as the Inspired, Inerrant Word of God that is the final
    authority for Christian faith and life.
    B. Has clear calling from God for pastoral ministry
    C. Must agree with ACC’s Statement of Faith
    D. Must abide by the ACC Constitution and Bylaws, and the church’s biblical position on
    Social issues.
  2. Special qualifications
    A. Solid and close relationship with God.
    B. If married, good testimony in marriage and family life.
    C. Ability to communicate well and work well in team environment.
    D. Proficiency in reading/writing/speaking both English and Mandarin. Able to communicate in Cantonese is a plus.
    E. Two Years of leadership experience in ministry.
    F. Ability to initiate and develop ministries.
    G. Two Years of experience in college student ministry.
    H. Two Years of experience in evangelism & discipleship.
    I. Confirmed gifts in teaching and preaching.
  1. Education
    A. Bachelor’s degree from a Bible college or above
    B. Master’s degree from an accredited Seminary or above in North America is preferred.
  2. Experience
    A. Minimum of two years of experience in College Student Ministry or other related
  3. Testimony
    A. According to 1 Peter 5:1-4, and
    B. 1 Timothy 3:1-7