Children’s Sunday School

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Sunday School 1st Service (English)

Children from age 3 through Grade 3 discover God’s love and power through interactive, experiential learning. Children are encouraged to move and share as they study lessons from God’s Book.

Sunday School 2nd Service (Chinese)

Children learn about God’s Person, God’s Book and God’s people. At ACC Kids, children are encouraged to encounter Jesus personally. Our program begins with 3-year-olds learning about God’s love and special Gift. Then, precept-upon-precept, children learn more and more. By the time kids finish 6th grade, they have learned how to study the Bible inductively!

For more information, please contact our Children’s Minister Francisco Leung.

  • Playground - Play Structure
  • Playground - Play Sets
  • Preschool Wing
  • Preschool Hallway

Class Schedule

Age Group
Meeting Time
Sunday School 1st ServicePreschool: Age 2 to Kindergarten
Elementary: Grades 1 to 3
(4th – 6th Graders sit with parents)
Sunday School 2nd ServicePreschool: Age 2 to Kindergarten
Elementary: Grades 1 to 6

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