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ACC 建堂42週年 ACC 42nd Anniversary

October 2, 2022 @ 10:00 AM 11:30 AM CDT

頌讚 Worship in Song領會 Worship Team
牧禱 Pastoral Prayer沈牧師 Pastor Simon
主餐 Communion沈牧師 Pastor Simon
兒童獻詩 Children Singing兒童詩班 Children Choir
證道 Message
「永恆的智慧」 詩篇23
“Ageless Wisdom” Psalms 23
蔡牧師 Pastor Jason
回應詩歌 Hymn of Response會眾 Congregation
奉獻 Offering
三一頌 Doxology 會眾 Congregation
報告 Announcement徐長老 Elder Hai-wei
祝福 Benediction 蔡牧師 Pastor Jason

報告 Announcement

  1. ACC 42歲生日快樂!Happy 42nd Anniversary to ACC!
  2. 教會將於11/13舉行洗禮。已決志信主並有意接受洗禮的弟兄姊妹請於10/16前提交受洗申請。若您想成為教會會員,可隨時提交申請。
    ACC will hold baptism on 11/13. If you have accepted Jesus as your savior and would like to get baptized, please apply by 10/16. If you want to become a member of ACC, you may apply at any time.
  3. 愛筵。請在每週三之前掃碼登記,以便教會準備您的午餐。
    Sunday Lunch. Scan the QR code to sign up each week by Wednesday to let us know that you and your family will be joining us for lunch.

感恩及代禱 Thanksgiving & Prayer

  1. 求神保守ACC在目前的困難中仍持守我們的眼光和渴望: 使未信的成為相信的,使相信的成為愛主跟隨主的門徒。 Pray that ACC will stand firm in midst of difficulties and not to lose heart nor the desire to lead non-believers to become believers and believers to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
  2. 楊牧師已經轉去長期護理機構。請繼續為他的治療和康復禱告;也求神出人意料的平安臨到楊牧師的家人和ACC的會眾。 Pastor Kai has been transferred to a long-term care facility. Continue to pray for miraculous healing and restoration. Pray also for peace that transcends all understanding for the family and church members.
  3. 請為近期失去親人的家庭禱告:Helen T. 的母親離世歸回天家。David C.也離世歸回天家。 Pray for families who have lost their loved ones recently: Helen T’s mom passed away; David C. also passed away.
  4. 請在禱告中記念在病中的:Peter W., 曉嵐,Joanne Y 的父親;Annis的父親;述孟,Chuck的父親和岳母。 Pray for those who are sick: Peter W., Hsiao-lan; Joanne Y’s father; Annis’ father, Shumeng, Chuck’s father and mother-in-law.
  5. 為佛州的風暴災害禱告,求神賜下在這困難時刻尋求祂的心。 Pray for Florida as the storm is ravaging through the state. Pray that people will look to God during this difficult time.
  6. 九月有兩個UTA的學生決志信主。為他們在恩典裡成長成熟禱告。 Two UTA students became followers of Jesus Christ in September. Pray that they will grow in God’s grace and become devoted believers.