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English Worship 2021-01-31

January 31, 2021 @ 9:30 AM 11:00 AM CST

Worship in Song Worship Team
Offering Worship Team
Doxology Congregation
Message Message “Savor the Word of God”
2 Peter 2:2-3
Pastor Jason
Announcements Pastor Kevin
Benediction Pastor Jason


  1. We are going to have a deacon election membership meeting TODAY using electronic voting. The three candidates are Bei Zhang, Wenbo Yang, and Ron Yiu (for the 2nd term) for the term of 4/1/2021 through 3/31/2023.
  2. 2/7 we will begin a 7-day Matthew 25 Discipleship Challenge. Please text ACC to 56170 to join. Beginning the evening of 2/7, each day for 7 days, you will be receiving a text with a challenge reminder, related video, a devotion and a prayer.
  3. 2/14 we will be doing a “Chosen” children sponsorship through World Vision. Starr Yang from World Vision will come share with us her experience. Our goal is to sponsor 100 children from the Kapeni, Malawi.
  4. 2020 Offering Receipts had already been mailed. If you have not received it by the end of January, please email your correct address to our Treasury team. Or if there is any discrepancy, please notify them as well: Ron (ron@durachoice.com), Gerald (geraldip.dfw@gmail.com), or Eddie (leecheukho@gmail.com).
  5. Please pray for replacing fire alarm system. Pray that the project can successfully finish on time.
  6. Please pray for God’s protection for our brothers and sisters in medical field, couple of them are assigned to take care of COVID-19 patients.
  7. Pray for brothers and sisters whose job is affected by COVID-19 crisis. Please pray for peace of heart and God’s provision.
  8. If you have a need for masks, please contact our pastoral staff or office staff.
  9. If you have any kinds of need, please contact our pastoral staff.
  10. During this period of time, please send your offerings either through mail or give online through ACC’s website.

Thanksgiving & Prayer

  1. Pray for the pandemic and US’s deteriorating relationship with China. Pray for God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
  2. Pray for Derek and Chantal as they prepare to fly back to Taiwan to check out the lesion on Chantal’s lung.
  3. Pray for complete healing and recovery for Shumeng from stroke.
  4. Praise the Lord, biopsy shows that the exterior lump on Lucy’s body is benign and has already reduced in size. Doctor is treating another growth inside her body, trying to reduce its size.
  5. Pray for Ching-ling as she cares for her younger sister at ICU in Taiwan.
  6. Please pray for our overseas workers’ health and ministries: Leeling, Dorothy, Dean, Penny, Derek, Chantal.
  7. Pray for God’s healing grace and healing for those who are sick in our midst and pray that they won’t be affected by COVID-19:

    • Johnny (lung cancer)
    • Yu-Chun (breast cancer)
    • Edmund’s younger sister (breast cancer)
    • Louise (bone marrow transplant)
    • Stoltz (Prostate cancer)
    • Penny’s father (stage four cancer, will need hospice care)
    • Freddy (colon cancer, had received radiation and chemo treatments, please pray for further treatment plans)
    • Clare (recover from car accident)
    • Brenda (breast cancer, please pray for recovery and further treatments)
    • Lucy (treatment of a growth insider her body, that it will reduce in size)
    • Shumeng (complete healing and recovery from stroke)
    • Chantal (prepare to fly back to Taiwan to check out the lesion on Chantal’s lung)
    • Ching-Ling (currently cares for her younger sister at ICU in Taiwan)

Next Sunday’s Speaker

  • Bro. Shum