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拜訪本市一家清真寺 Local Mosque Visitation – Johnny Elbitar

拜訪清真寺的目的是能夠幫助信徒對於伊斯蘭教和穆斯林有更多的了解,打破對穆斯林恐懼的障礙和成見,並且學習如何去與他們分享耶穌。是由Good News for the Crescent World的總幹事Johnny Elbitar牧師帶領我們去拜訪。

The goal of the Mosque Visit is to help believers increase their understanding of Islam and Muslims, break fear barriers and stereotypes of Muslims, and learn how to share Jesus with them.  This visitation will be led by Pastor Johnny Elbitar from Good News for the Crescent World.