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ACC 40th Anniversary Joint Worship 教會40週年聯合崇拜

October 4, 2020 @ 10:00 AM 12:00 PM CDT

頌讚 Worship in Song 敬拜團 Worship Team
主餐 Communion
為餅祝謝 Pray for the Bread
為杯祝謝 Pray for the Cup
奉獻 Offering 會眾 Congregation
特別獻詩 Special Music
三一頌 Doxology 會眾 Congregation
證道 Message
『標竿人生』與『標竿教會』‘Purpose-Driven Life’ & ‘Purpose-Driven Church’
腓立比書 Philippians 1:4-11;3:7-14
蘇牧師 Pastor So
回應詩歌 Hymn of Response
切蛋糕 Cut the Cake
報告 Announcement
祝福 Benediction 梁牧師 Pastor Edward

報告 Announcement

  1. 今日早上為教會四十週年中英文聯合崇拜,將一起守聖餐,請大家準備好餅和杯,備 心參加,一同為神四十年來一直保守 ACC 感恩。
  2. 多謝蘇牧師過去兩天主領我們的 40 週年虛擬培靈退修會,求主繼續帶領他的服事, 廣傳福音,得人如魚。
  3. 多謝 40 週年退修會籌備同工為我們安排一個退修會。
  4. 感謝天父恩典帶領教會 40 年,願天父恩上加恩,帶領我們同心合意,興旺福音,造就門徒。
  5. 請記念教會作醫護人員的弟兄姊妹,尤其當中有些被分派特別照顧病毒確診病人的,為他們的平安健康禱告,求神保守他們。
  6. 請為在疫情當中因經濟低潮而失去工作、或工作受影響的弟兄姊妹禱告。請為內心有平安、及神的供應禱告。
  7. 弟兄姊妹的奉獻可直接寄至教會、或透過教會網站奉獻。
  8. 弟兄姊妹若需要口罩,請與教牧同工、或辦公室同工聯絡。
  9. 若弟兄姊妹有任何需要的話,請務必與教牧同工聯絡。

  1. This morning is our 40th anniversary joint worship service. We will also observe Communion during worship, please prepare the bread and juice as well as your heart to partake with us. Let’s give thanks to the Lord for His presence with ACC in the past 40 years.
  2. We would like to thank Pastor So for speaking at our 40th anniversary virtual revival retreat this past weekend. May our Lord continue to use him in expanding His Kingdom.
  3. We appreciate very much the effort of our 40th anniversary retreat planning committee, planning and coordinating all the details, making this virtual retreat possible.
  4. Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace upon our church for the past 40 years. May He grant us grace upon grace, leading us to follow Him in one heart, one mind. May He find us faithful.
  5. Please pray for God’s protection for our brothers and sisters in medical field, couple of them are assigned to take care of COVID-19 patients.
  6. Pray for brothers and sisters whose job is affected by COVID-19 crisis. Please pray for peace of heart and God’s provision.
  7. If you have a need for masks, please contact our pastoral staff or office staff.
  8. If you have any kinds of need, please contact our pastoral staff.
  9. During this period of time, please send your offerings either through mail or give online through ACC’s website.

感恩及代禱 Thanksgiving & Prayer

  1. 請記念最近社會的不安定、COVID-19 的疫情、以及美國與中國之間的關係,求神幫助,願祂的旨意行在地上如同行在天上。
  2. 待產母親: Edith,Joan。
  3. 請為在海外同工禱告,願天父保守帶領:Leeling、Dorothy、Dean、Penny、Derek, Chantal。
  4. 請為生病的肢體禱告,求主醫治並保守:
    • Johnny (肺癌)
    • Yu-Chun (乳癌)
    • Danny的腦部手術後的康復
    • Edmund的妹妹 (乳癌)
    • Martha (乳癌)
    • 玲玲 (骨髓移植)
    • Stoltz (前列腺癌)
    • Cindy的父親 (中風)
  1. Pray for social unrest and pandemic in USA and its deteriorating relationship with China. Pray for God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
  2. Please continue to pray for expecting mothers: Edith, Joan.
  3. Please pray for our overseas workers’ health and ministries: Leeling, Dorothy, Dean, Penny, Derek, Chantal.
  4. Pray for God’s healing grace and healing for those who are sick in our midst and pray that they won’t be affected by COVID-19:
    • Johnny (lung cancer)
    • Yu-Chun (breast cancer)
    • Danny’s brain surgery recovery
    • Edmund’s younger sister (breast cancer)
    • Martha (breast cancer)
    • Louise (bone marrow transplant)
    • Stoltz (Prostate cancer)
    • Cindy’s father (recovering from stroke)

下主日中文崇拜工作人員:[Chinese Worship workers]

Next Sunday’s English Worship Speaker:
Pastor Kevin

第 40 週 聖靈充滿

懇求祢使_____(念出孩子的名字) 有機會被聖靈充滿,激發孩子天天喜愛唱