ACC 2021 Summer Family Daily Devotions

1. Registration

(Note: Although the title of this program is for family, everyone who likes to participate in this program can register.)

Please register via Google form:

Or scan QR code:

If you have questions, you can send emails to Xiaowei

2. Purpose

  • Practice daily devotion to help participants grow deeper in spiritual life.
  • Strengthen parent-child relationship in Christ

3. Schedule for daily devotion

All participants will use the following table to do daily devotion from June 7th to July 30.  We will use two months to complete the Book of Romans.

Date MonTueWedThurFriSat
Week of 6/7Week 11:1-81:9-171:18-251:26-322:1-11Reflect and summary what you get from Holy Spirit in the week
Week of 6/14Week 22:12-242:25-3:43:5-3:203:21-314:1-8
Week of 6/21Week 34:9-164:17-255:1-85:9-195:20-6:10
Week of 6/28Week 46:11-237:1-137:14-258:1-98:10-18
Week of 7/5Week 58:19-308:31-399:1-79:8-189:19-26
Week of 7/12Week 69:27-3310:1-1110:12-2111:1-1611:17-36
Week of 7/19Week 712:1-1012:11-2113:1-1414:1-1314:14-23
Week of 7/26Week 815:1-1315:14-2415:25-3316:1-1616:17-27 

4. Resources to help you understand the Book of Romans

Romans is not an easy book to understand. You can use the following resources to help you catch the themes of Romans for daily devotion:

5. Process and method of daily devotion

For each participant:

  • About 15 minutes
  • Start by singing or listening to worship songs, praising, quiet one’s heart before God
  • Pray asking the Holy Spirit’s guidance
  • Read bible verses
  • Choose a verse that touches you, not too long
  • Mediate on the verse and think about how this verse relates to your current life and how to apply to your daily life
  • Write devotion diary and pray
  • Mediate on the verse during the day

(Note: If you miss any dates, you could use Saturday and Sunday to make up.)

6. Sharing within the family

Every day, parents and children can find 20 min to share what they get from today’s devotion. Parents could use “Discovery Bible Study Questions” to facilitate their discussion.

7. Using social media to share daily devotionals

Daily interaction and support are important to help people continue daily devotion. For this, we will do daily devotionals together.

  • For Children: We encourage children and their parents to submit a short video every week to Flipgrid.
  • For Youth: Youth group will use the current Groupme to share daily devotionals.  
  • For adults: Please install Telegram in your smart phones. We will invite you to Telegram chat groups to share your daily devotionals.
  • For all families: We will encourage you to submit short videos to Flipgrid to share their devotionals weekly as family.

8. Face-to-face sharing within groups

  • For Children: through Sunday school
  • For Youth: through Friday night fellowship
  • For adults in English: through current existing small groups
  • For adults in Chinese: we will have bi-weekly zoom meetings