Share Christ During Christmas

Hi ACC Teachers and Volunteers,

When I think about all of the non-believers I used to work with over the 20+ years in my old company, I wonder how many of them I could have shared more seriously about the true meaning of Christmas. Some grew up in the church and fell away, while others have a very negative view of Christianity or religion. Some would make fun of Christians in general, while others were respectful of all religious beliefs. 

On some occasions when I would share a bit about my faith, I learned that I worked with quite a few Christians. I used to sit by a Youth Pastor. Others viewed themselves as Jesus’ Light at the workplace. I used to be a part of a Bible study at work on Wednesdays during lunch breaks in the early 2000s. At one point, we had around 20 people in and out of our meetings. If I ever visited a cube and saw a scripture verse on their wall, I would point it out and we’d have conversations about faith and the Bible. Many times people would ask me to pray for them… and some former co-workers still do!

Other times, people would be more challenging by disputing the Truth of God’s Word by using worldly logic and histories to try to disprove the Bible. Others actually viewed themselves as god-like. And others just needed proof that God was real.

No matter who I encountered in the old workplace, God was always real to me. He was the One constant Rock in my days and weeks and years at work. If I was more aware, I would pray to be useful to God on my way to work. Some days, I think I touched some lives. He allowed me to be patient when I had no patience. He allowed me to be encouraging when I didn’t feel encouraged. He allowed me to be helpful when I didn’t feel like helping others. God is AMAZING!!

This same AMAZING GOD sent His Son to Earth as a little baby over 2000 years ago to change the world… to turn traditions, culture, values, and laws upside down. He transformed lives by touching them, speaking life into them, and dying for them… and FOR US. 

As you celebrate Christmas with your families this year, celebrate Christ our Savior and marvel at His humble beginnings. Celebrate Him and when you go back to work or back to your regular lives, be His Light and share Christ and His Love with others. God can and will use you. Pray that God will use you in the workplace, in the marketplace, in the grocery stores, in the gas stations, at birthday parties, at funerals… wherever you go.

Merry Christmas to you all and be safe.

See you all next year!

Teacher Francisco