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A wedding is a worship service that is to glorify God. It is also a spiritual celebration when God joins two people sacredly, making them one. A service of Christian marriage should symbolically emphasize the Christian view of family commitment and should be in harmony with the teaching of the Bible. Therefore,
  • In accordance to the Biblical principle of being "equally yoked", ACC requires that in a church wedding, the bride and groom must be believers.
  • As an outreach to the community, an ACC pastor may conduct a wedding at ACC for nonbelievers on the stipulation that they are willing to go through at least 4 sessions of premarital counseling. In the couples' eyes, ACC is exercising our State-given authority to officiate weddings, but in the church's eyes, ACC is teaching them how God and applying God's principles will enrich their marriage. It will be made clear in each wedding by whose authority (State or Church) will the ceremony be conducted under.
  • In regards to an "unequally yoked" wedding, an ACC pastor may conduct it under the authorization of the State but not at ACC. While it may seem to be better if both parties are not believers in wanting the wedding conducted at ACC, the point of the restriction is to strongly discourage an unequally yoked union. It also follows the principles stated in the ACC membership conduct handbook.
  • Marriages involving a divorcee will be approved by ACC pastors/elders when qualifications for remarriage are met (i.e. Biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage).
In order for your wedding to go smoothly from start to finish, we ask that you read this policy and procedure handbook carefully. The following information has been developed to insure that each rite of marriage held in ACC is in keeping with the standards of godliness and wholesomeness that every Christian couple desires for their special day. We are here to answer your questions and offer any counsel you might need. We urge you to make full preparations for both the wedding day and the spiritual life you will have together.

Scheduling & Reservation

  • An application form must be filled out at the church office in order to make any reservation and The Wedding Policy & Procedure Handbook will be given out at the time of application.
  • Reservation for wedding and reception must be made at least 12 weeks in advance, but no more than 40 weeks. (Any request to be exempted from the 12 weeks-in-advance reservation requirement will be considered individually by both ACC ministers and wedding committee. If approved, members will pay facility fees at 75% of non-members rate, and non-members will pay all fees with a 25% increase.)
  • ACC members with minimum of 12 months of active official membership status (obtained through baptism at ACC or transfer of church membership to ACC) at the time of wedding are entitled to wedding fee charges at members' rate.
  • ACC membership obtained after wedding reservation and prior to date of ceremony would NOT alter wedding fees and charges from non-members' to members' rate.
  • Either Bride or Groom whose parents are active ACC members for at least 12 months at the time of wedding are entitled to wedding fee charges at member's rate. Siblings and other family relationship are not entitled to members' rate.
  • No wedding or reception will be scheduled on Sundays, church holidays or any day that will conflict with functions marked on the church master calendar.
  • No wedding ceremony shall be scheduled before 11 a.m. or after 3 p.m.
  • Only 1 wedding and/or 1 reception will be scheduled per day.
  • Should there be a conflict between 2 reservations made at the same time, ACC members will have priority over non-members on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The sanctuary seats 500 guests and the fellowship hall seats 250 guests.
  • 2 separate checks, 1 for the building deposit and 1 for the 25% of the facilities and custodian fees must be received within 1 week after meeting with the wedding coordinator.
  • Remainder of all other fees must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding.
  • All applicants must agree to and be compliant with the entire Wedding Policy & Procedure, and all required forms must be properly filled out and signed.
  • Simple vow-exchange only ceremony (limit to maximum of 15 minutes and 10 guests including bride, groom, family members & guests) for either member or non-member can be held in the Prayer Room (A120) at no charge. No decoration, food or drink is allowed. All other rules and regulations apply.
  • Wedding reception only event can be held in the Fellowship Hall. A wedding coordinator will be assigned and the entire Wedding Policy & Procedure applies.
  • Bridal shower or bachelor's party not being part of the wedding preparation or ceremony, and therefore is not entitled to room usage under wedding policy, and must be treated as a separate private personal booking under the ACC Facility Use Policy.

Premarital Counseling

  • Premarital counseling is designed to prevent as many problems as possible in the marriage, and to enrich and develop good marital skills, which enhance the quality of marriage life. All couples to be married at ACC must attend premarital counseling conducted by our officiating or assigned ministers.
  • Premarital counseling conducted by other non-ACC ministers or offered by other institutions is acceptable upon approval of an ACC pastor.
  • All premarital counseling should be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Officiating Ministers

  • The bride and the groom have to meet with the officiating pastor from ACC within 2 weeks after application enabling our pastor to get acquainted with the couple. Upon approval of the officiating pastor, the wedding date will be officially confirmed on the church master calendar.
  • All wedding held at this church will be conducted by an ACC pastor. Other guest ministers representing Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior are welcome to officiate or assist in the ceremony upon approval of an ACC pastor.
  • Guest ministers will be expected to uphold the same Christian commitment and value as ACC.
  • Marriage license is to be delivered to the officiating pastor at least 1 week prior to the wedding.
  • The agendas and contents of the rehearsal, ceremony and reception have to be approved by an ACC pastor or wedding coordinator.

Wedding Coordinator

  • The wedding coordinator will arrange to meet with the bride and the groom within 3 weeks after the date is reserved on the master calendar, and a contact number or e-mail address will be provided to you for any question and inquiry.
  • The wedding policy and procedure will be reviewed with the couple and the wedding manger during the first meeting. If the wedding manager is not available, special arrangement has to be made for him/her to meet with the wedding coordinator as soon as possible.
  • A copy of the acknowledgment of understanding the provisions of our wedding policy and Waiver & Release of Liability will be obtained from the couple during the first meeting with the wedding coordinator. These two forms must be signed before the reservation can be confirmed.
  • The wedding coordinator will have complete authority over any room use fee charges and proper placements of decorations/audio/video personnel in accordance with the wedding policy. No rooms are to be used without the advance reservation and prior approval of the wedding coordinator even if someone in the wedding party has a church key. Any exceptions to the wedding policy need to be submitted by writing in advance, approval by the wedding committee will be on a case-by-case basis.
  • The wedding coordinator is to ensure policies and procedures being followed.
  • If a wedding consultant is employed, this person must confer with the wedding coordinator in charge of your wedding.
  • Due to conflict of interest, wedding coordinator may not be the wedding manager for the same wedding.
  • The wedding coordinator or the church is not responsible for such personal items like purse, jewelry, luggage, clothing, food, decoration or equipment.
  • Neither the wedding coordinator nor the church can perform such services as accepting delivery of any kind to be used in the wedding.
  • The wedding coordinator has the authority to interrupt or to ask any uncooperative/non-compliant member(s) of the wedding party (photographer, florist...etc) to leave ACC if necessary.

Wedding Rehearsal

  • Dates and times for wedding rehearsal need to be made in consultation with the wedding coordinator. It is usually on Friday at 7:30 p.m.
  • Rehearsal is limited to 1 hour and we ask all parties to be punctual. Please refer to fee schedule if it runs overtime.
  • It is the responsibility of the bride and the groom to provide maps and directions for parties and guests.
  • Please dress appropriately (no shorts or flip top, etc.). Rehearsal will proceed in a quiet, dignified and reverent manner.
  • The entire wedding party (including parents, ushers, candle lighters, musicians, flower girls and ring bearers) should plan to stay for the entire rehearsal.
  • Rehearsal dinner, on the 1st floor only, may follow if so desire, but is subject to room availability.
  • It is the responsibility of the wedding manager, not the coordinator, to preside the rehearsal agenda.

Wedding Ceremony

  • The church building will open 2 hours prior to the scheduled time for the wedding. The heating/air conditioning will be turned on at the appropriate time.
  • Room A119, located behind the sanctuary, with a full-length mirror will be assigned as the dressing room for the bridal party.
  • Any of the baptism dressing rooms (A141, A142, A151 and A152), located behind the stage, with half-length mirror will be assigned for the groom's party.
  • For large wedding parties, one large upstairs room may be assigned to each of the bridal and the groom's party, instead of rooms stated in #2 & #3. The wedding coordinator will have the final decision on room assignment. If these rooms are used in addition to the rooms stated in #2 and #3, additional Room's fees will be applied.
  • Keys to the dressing rooms will be kept by the wedding coordinator at all times.
  • Dressing rooms must be left clean and tidy, with all personal and wedding items removed.
  • To preserve the sacred dignity of the wedding ceremony, flower girls and ring bearers under 8 years old are recommended to sit with adults in the front rows when the ceremony begins after processional.
  • Wedding ceremony including post-ceremony photo session should last no longer than 2 hours. Please refer to fee schedule if it runs overtime.

Wedding Reception

  • Wedding reception may be held in the fellowship hall immediately after the ceremony. Reservation must be completed at the same time with sanctuary reservation.
  • Reception set-up and decoration are to be approved by the wedding coordinator.
  • Reception may be set up the night before only when there is no schedule conflict with any church functions.
  • The catering service or reception manager must confer with the wedding coordinator at least 6 weeks before the wedding.
  • All set-up, decoration, food/beverage preparation is prefer and recommended to be ready before the wedding so that everyone is able to attend the wedding ceremony.
  • For reception only event, the fellowship hall will open 2 hours prior to the scheduled time for the event. All set-up and preparation is prefer and recommended to be completed at least 2 hour before the reception begins.
  • Folding chairs and tables will be available for wedding party to set up for reception use.
  • Fresh flower petals can be used on tables during the reception provided that table covers are used.
  • Fellowship hall and kitchen must be left tidy and clean, with all personal and wedding use items removed.
  • Receptions including clean up should last no longer than 2.5 hours. Refer to fee schedule if it runs overtime.
  • The wedding party is responsible for bringing own eating and serving utensils, containers and any other accessory required for reception use. Church kitchen supplies are NOT to be used for this private event.
  • An ACC sound technician is required for the reception if microphone is needed and music is to be played by sound system.


  • Marriage in the church is a very special worship service. Therefore, music used must be appropriate for worship. Both the text and the theme of all the songs used (played or sung by any musician) should be in praise of God and in prayer for His blessing and guidance in your new life together.
  • Favorite love songs, popular hits, etc. are not deemed appropriate for marriage celebration. An appropriate guideline for selection of music might be to ask whether or not the music would seem appropriate for a Sunday morning worship service. You are welcome to consult the wedding coordinator and/or pastor.
  • Any music or song sung or played in the wedding needs to be approved prior to the ceremony and the reception by the wedding coordinator or an ACC pastor.
  • NO unapproved music could be sung or played in both wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Last-minute selection would NOT be allowed.
  • Musicians should be chosen by the bride and the groom, with organist to be approved by the church.
  • An ACC sound technician, arranged by the wedding coordinator, is required for the wedding ceremony because of intricate sound and lighting controls.


  • In order to provide for a gracious and prepared occasion for you and your guests, all decorations need to be completed at least 1 hour before the wedding begins, preferably the night before the wedding during the rehearsal.
  • Additional time, other than during the rehearsal and prior to the ceremony, for decoration must be scheduled with the church staff at least 1 week prior to the wedding.
  • The sanctuary must not be transformed into anything other than itself by means of overly elaborate decorations.
  • Removal of all flowers, decorations, candles and wedding property not belonging to the sanctuary is the responsibility of the wedding party unless arrangement has been made with the wedding coordinator to leave flowers for the Sunday morning services. The sanctuary must be left in the condition in which it was found.
  • Decorations must not be attached to the pews, carpeting or other furniture by gluing, pinning nailing, tacking, taping or any such method that would leave a permanent scar. Only pew clips, wrapped wire, large rubber bands, or ribbon that will not put mark on furniture can be used to fasten bows and decorations. Adhesive tape is not allowed on any furniture.
  • When candles are used, they must be of the drip-less variety and placed in the type of candelabra that catches and contains all drippings. In addition, the floors beneath the candles must be covered with a non-flammable material and fully protected from dampness as well as wax. No lighted candles are permitted down the aisles or close to any member of the wedding party or guests.
  • No floral arrangement or objects may be placed on the organ or piano.
  • To prevent any damage to microphone wiring, the pulpit can only be moved under the supervision of an ACC sound technician.
  • Only artificial petals can be thrown in the sanctuary.
  • Wedding decoration is only allowed in the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary if reserved in advance. No decoration is allowed in any other room (classrooms or prayer room) of the church facility.

Photographs & Video-tape

  • Photo taking sessions (both pre and post ceremony) should be planned and arranged in an orderly manner or sequence to enhance efficient time use.
  • Photo taking sessions before the wedding must be completed ?hour prior to the ceremony.
  • There will be no standing on pews or any furniture. Camera equipment, lighting apparatus, etc will not be fastened to, leaned against or stood on any railing or furnishing.
  • Photographers or video-photographers should not interfere with the ceremony and should not disturb participants or guests with equipment, excessive movement or excessive lighting/flash.
  • Once the ceremony begins with the bride finishing the processional, photographers or video-photographers are to remain stationary at the choir loft, side or back or congregation ONLY.
  • Photo taking and videotaping with appropriate (non-excessive) flash and lighting are allowed during the ceremony with compliance of rule #4 and #5.
  • No photographer or video-photographer is allowed on the stage anytime during the ceremony.
  • Following the ceremony, wedding party may return for pictures at which time flash or other lighting equipment can be used.
  • The church recording system may record the marriage worship service if desired. Arrangement for recording should be made in advance with the wedding coordinator.

General Conduct

  • Since wedding ceremony held in church is a worship service, all of the furnishings associated with worship must be visible in their normal place during the ceremony.
  • Wedding is a private event and is, therefore, NOT entitled to certain usage of church facility and equipments. Individual department approval or deacon approval for usage of any part of the facility or equipment for wedding event is NOT allowed without approval from both the wedding department AND the church staff. Any violation will result in forfeit of deposit.
  • Tobacco use and/or alcoholic beverage is not permitted at any time on the church premises, including parking lots and playground.
  • No wedding ceremony or rehearsal will be conducted when any member of the party is under the influence of alcohol or drug.
  • No food and drink is allowed in the sanctuary and lobby area.
  • Birdseed, bubble and butterfly can be used outside the building only. No rice or confetti at any time.


  • The church parking lots are available for your guests and wedding parties with no charge.
  • Vehicles must be parked orderly according to signs, dividing lines and restrictions.
  • The church cannot assume liability for lost, stolen or damaged articles in the parking area.
  • No smoking in the parking lots.

Fees schedule

*All overtime fee charges apply to both member and non-member Member Non-Member
 Facilites Sanctuary No Charge $400
Fellowship Hall No Charge $200
Additional Room (Each) No Charge $50
Overtime charging $50 for 1st half hour, $100 for every half hour thereafter
 Custodian Sanctuary $100 $100
Fellowship Hall - Reception $100 $100
Additional Room - Rehearsal Dinner $100 $100
 Pianist/Organist 3 hours maximum: rehearsal & wedding $75 $100
$10 per additional hour (including reception) $10 $10
 Sound Technician Rehearsal & Wedding ONLY (3 hours maximum) $75 $100
Reception ONLY (2.5 hours maximum) $50 $75
Rehearsal, Wedding, and Reception(5.5 hours maximum) $100 $125
$10 per additional hour (including reception) $10 $10
 Wedding Coordinator - without church reception $100 $125
- with church reception $150 $175
reception ONLY $75 $100
 Building Deposit $100 $300
 Officiating/Counseling Minister Suggested amount: $75-$175
***Any violation of the wedding policy and procedure will result in forfeit of deposit.

At the time that the wedding date is confirmed and officially put on the calendar, the building deposit and 25% of the facilities and custodian fees, in 2 separate checks, will be required within 1 week after meeting with the wedding coordinator. The balance will be due no later than 4 weeks prior to the wedding. All other fees will be paid directly to the corresponded personnel no later than 4 weeks prior to the wedding. The building deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks after the wedding if the buildings and equipments used are left in satisfactory condition, and this wedding policy and procedure is being observed. Cancellation 3 months prior to the wedding date will receive full refund of payment made; otherwise the building deposit will be retained as the processing fee.

 Forms Download

Wedding Policy.pdfWedding Policy
Wedding Sound Requisition.pdfWedding Sound Requisition